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Women’s Care Clinic LA has been serving the greater Los Angeles County for over the past 10 years. The conceptions of these medical centers were the hard work of Dr. P. Joseph, a dedicated OB/GYN with vast experience of over 10,000 births…and counting.

Our two centers provide comprehensive quality care to women of all social economic status. Our staff is majority women, whom are highly experienced, sincere, and friendly. All of our staff is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

We at Women’s Care Clinic LA promise to provide you with all the support necessary to assure the best medical and social outcome in the utmost confidential and professional setting.


Women's Care LA is a comprehensive clinic that takes pride in taking care of all aspects of women’s health.


A well women exam is an investment in your future!
Taking care of yourself now means a lifetime of good health. You can learn more about how your body works, what's normal for you and what's not.

-General exam including breast and pelvic exam.

-Preventative care including mammogram, PAP smear, HPV vaccination.

-Testing and treatment for:
   - sexually transmitted infections
   - vaginal discharges,
   - urinary tract infections

-Pregnancy testing

Here at Women’s Care Clinic we want your pregnancy to go as smoothly as possible and provide all that is required to make this exciting time in your life the healthiest time as well.

We provide assistance in obtaining government supplied health insurance MEDI-CAL, (www.dhcs.ca.gov) for those who are not insured yet or do not have the financial capability to pay for insurance. Our financial social worker will assist you with all the necessary steps to help you.

We also assist getting you and your new baby set up with the federally funded program, WIC (www.calwic.org). Which provides you and your new baby with nutritional education, breastfeeding promotion and support, and referrals to other necessary services.


Family Planning (Contraception)

We provide all forms of family planning, including:

  -Birth Control Pills

  -Depo Shot


  -Tubal ligation


  -Emergency Contraception, Morning After Pill

Family Planning (Pregnancy Termination)

Family Planning

  -Elective Termination (Abortion) : www.mychoicemedicalcenter.com

Visit mychoicemedicalcenter.com to learn more about our elective termination services including medical abortion (the abortion pill or RU-486/Mifeprex) and surgical abortion options

Contact Us 24/7 - No Obligation - Always Confidential

During regular business hours you are welcome to call or visit one of our LA locations.

We also offer a convenient 24/7 request an appointment feature, with 3 easy options:

(1) Phone: Call us toll-free any time 866-397-3070

(2) Email: Send an email to contact@womenscarela.com

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Our Locations

Women's Care Pico Los Angeles

4903 W. Pico Blvd. #101 Los Angeles, CA 90019         
PH: 323-954-2228

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Van Nuys Women's Care
7232 Van Nuys Blvd. #101 Van Nuys, CA 91405
PH: 818-785-1890

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